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About Us

About us

About Us

AssureAudit™ was founded with this fundamental principle

You can’t meet modern audit, inspection, and compliance demands with processes designed for a previous era. Technology changes everyone’s expectations for rapid information delivery, efficient process, and fast action.
In 2019 ArcNovo Tech Inc decided to take on a horizontal domain of audit to solve several problems across multiple industries technology innovation.
Now we are changing the face and pace – of audit. AssureAudit™ has evolved from the right idea to an innovation defining “what’s next” in audit for multiple industries’ audit, inspection, compliance, quality, and assurance findings. We are working in partnership with leading industry players and third-party auditors worldwide. What we understood that auditing capabilities in a platform software built for various industry specific processes, standards, and methods can deliver higher value to internal as well as external auditors, management, and other stakeholders.
Fundamental Principle

AssureAudit™ delivers a fundamentally new auditing platform

One driven by a flexible template design, scoring, and audit campaign planning for internal audit and external audit by neutral or third party auditor.
Fundamental Principle
We leverage technology to build core platform to execute audit, document findings, report, and communicate with stakeholders. Enabling continuous information share and feedback between the responsible party and other stakeholders in real-time operations from the audit site/location/facility. In this way, prescribed audit operations are continuously informed by real-time options to ensure AssureAudit™ delivers audit findings for “best decision” in practical and simplified manner.

Beyond Yesterday’s Audit!

AssureAudit™ is built on simplified and flexible logical capabilities for various types of auditing and inspection demands. This auditing fluidity underlies the best capabilities when the planning premise is “we must” and enables adjusting auditing process what was done in last audit to accommodate what is next.
  • Flexible audit template configuration in your control.
  • Audit on the go, take it with you to the audit site, capture data, evidences, and documents online, and offline.
  • Allow for internal audit to enable people and process can apply continuously improve efficiently without getting in each other’s way.
  • Assign actions to responsible internal or external parties.
  • Report audit finding simultaneously to stakeholders.
Fundamental Principle

Take your auditing process to next level now

Contact us to schedule a demo or pilot for your business. See how our platform can add significant improvements and value to your business by allowing your staff to drive quality at source and fast actions
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